Tuesday, October 12, 2010

here goes another one

another blog? gosh im on a roll arent i?! this blog thing is addicting. i can tell why so many people do it so often. because they have no other choice! its like opium. its constantly itching away at your mind. al you want to do is get back to your computer so that you can put your thoughts into words and let everyone know how your day went.

one thing ill never understand is test anxiety. ive never expirienced it nor do i plan on it. i see tests as a way to show off and flaunt what i know! i know im right i just like to hear it. but for some reason, i tend to get low grades on tests. especially in school. during my senior year i never got a 100% on any test i took. why is that you ask? i can onkly assume its because i really didnt care much for the courses i was taking in school. and when i dont care much for something i dont like to put forth effort into it. if i dont like it im just simply not going to do it. give me a test on a subject like fire fighting or women, ill ace that and probably teach you a thing or two in the process.

there's always people in the testing area that freak out about testing. they'll study hard the night before and even study until the minute before the test begins. when the tests are handed out they make nervous jokes and get jittery. just calm down! all you have to do is put pen to paper. and they also have to know that no matter what im going to get a better test score then them. so they don't have to worry! =)

(i kept this one short for everyone who said the last one was too long to read. thanks for reading!)

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